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Gift Fic for Nimrod_9

Gift For: nimrod_9
Title: In Practice There Is Perfection
Author: Secret
Pairing(s): Snape/Lily, Snape/Remus
Summary: Lily wants to practice, but it's Severus who ends up learning a thing or two.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Author/Artist's notes: Happy February, Nimrod!

"Mm-no. No." Lily broke their kiss and leaned away from Severus, but she left her arm around his neck. Her fingers rubbed the base of his skull to both soothe and comfort her childhood friend. It wouldn't do to let him bolt away just yet.

"What?" Severus was breathless and confused, his pulse racing. Didn't Lily know this was his first kiss, too?

"It's not right, Sev. You felt it." She pecked his cheek and stepped away completely. "Or, rather, didn't feel it." Laying an elegant finger along the side of her face, Lily appeared to be deep in thought. "I was excited to be kissing, but we've been friends so long-"

Lily walked across the empty classroom and leaned against the potions storage closet, her shoulders on the door, but her back arched away from it to avoid being stabbed with the doorknob. "You didn't feel it either, did you?"

Severus considered Lily as she squirmed in her awkward position. Her blouse was pulled tight across her chest and her skirt rucked up higher than normal. She should have been the picture of sex to Severus right now, but- "No, I didn't. But I don't regret that it was you," he said lifting his chin in defiance.

"Oh, me neither," she said, her tone inexplicably smug to Severus. "But I had a feeling we might need to bring in an expert on this." The closet door swung open as she stepped away and Severus could see a stirring in the shadows.

"Kissing is for two, Lily!" Severus said, recoiling as he fully expected James Potter step into the dim classroom light. "You said you wanted to practice, that was all. You said-"

Severus was panicking and Remus strode quickly from the closet across the room to crowd the other boy back against the wall near the door to the hallway, where Severus had almost made his escape.

"Lily said you might want to practice on me," Remus said just before he leaned over Severus and sealed their mouths together.

How did she know? skittered across Severus' mind before it shut down completely when Remus' wet, probing tongue slid between his lips. Severus moaned and didn't even realise he was pulling the Gryffindor close, angling his body to touch as much of the taller boy as possible. Remus merely groaned and wrapped his arms around Severus.

This kiss went far beyond dry lips and gentle caresses. Remus soon appeared to possess Severus' entire body, their arms and legs entwined as their mouths worked against one another hungrily.

Behind them, Lily remained still, watching and listening to the soft wet noises and low moans Remus and Severus made as they kissed. She had learned from her first year at Hogwarts that practice would do her no good until she saw a proper demonstration.

Having spotted weeks earlier the shy desire in both boys' eyes, Lily knew she'd done the right thing, arranging this little "practice" between them. When her turn at a real kiss came along, she knew she'd recognize it by remembering this moment.

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