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Valentines Master List

I had several things hit me at once, illness, work overload and a computer virus to boot! But without further delay, THE SPRING MASTER REVEALS:


hamimifk wrote Stars That I Can Touch and Call My Own for isalie964 Rated R

kittylefish wroteOnly For You for lainenyah. Rated: Mature

lore wrote In Practice There Is Perfection for nimrod_9. Rated PG

lulabelle72 wrote Scenes From A Duel for savepureness Rated PG-13

nimrod_9 wrote Wrapped in White Paper and Red Hearts for "lj user="zephre">. Rated: Hard R

savepurenesswrote<http://community.livejournal.com/dark_flowers/21916.html#cutid1">Come</a> for sc010f. Rated R

sc010fwroteWake for hamimifk. Rated: NC-17

isalie964 drew Winter Wonderland for karasu_hime. Rated G

karasu_hime drew Definately for lore. Rated: NWS

zephre drew The Benefits of Exploring for kittylefish. Rated: PG-13

FIC and ART:
lainenyah wrote and drew Snake in the Grass for lulabelle72 Fic, hard R, Art-NWS

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING! It's so delightful to have so many people writing and drawing with such talent!
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